This nursery located in the village Krykhivtsi Ivano-Frankivsk region in Ukraine. The main objective of the nursery is attainment of cultural, educational, sports and scientific activities to support and improve the gene pool of purebred dogs, such as “American Akita”. By means of their breeding on a scientific basis, using the experience and achievements of the International Federation of Dog Training.


“American Akita” one of the most interesting species in the world. The beginning of the development Akita are from Japan. Since ancient Japanese used these dogs for hunting and combat. And after World War II, American soldiers are brought home Akita in States. Americans were thrilled by such a large and fluffy dogs, it was for them Japanese “wonder”. It took not much time in the US was derived entirely new breed of dog, her first name was “Great Japanese Dog”. At present, the breed of dog received name “Amerykanstka Akita”.

American Akita different from its Japanese ancestor larger size, more diverse colors and softer wool.

For now use this breed of dogs as guard and dog eyed.

Akita – quiet and independent dog tied to its owner. Wonderful in this breed is that it is very clean dogs that are very easy to hold. American Akita is sometimes compared to a cat because of cleanliness and lack of smell.